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Basic Catholic Beliefs

Roman Catholic Beliefs Lectures (CDs and MP3s)

Why are Catholics so chicken?

Basic Catholic BeliefsIn a word “ignorance”.  Ignorance breeds cowardice.  But we are supposed to be bold solders of Christ!  Fortunately, it is very easy to replace our ignorance with knowledge if we have the will.  The lectures below by Raymond de Souza are packed full of Catholic scholarship and truth.  You will learn not only about basic Catholic beliefs and what the Church teaches (rather than what her enemies claim she teaches), you will learn the Scriptural reason why she so teaches, you will learn what the early Church fathers (those famous Catholics who learned their faith from the Apostles) had to say, and you will learn the rationale/logic that underpins Catholics beliefs.

These lectures come into two formats: CDs that are posted out to you at modest prices or MP3 downloads that are FREE!

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